Présentation des travaux

Le projet Air Quality and MObility (AQMO) – F. Bodin, L. Morin

Air quality improvement can only be achieved with a citizen and political full cooperation and involvement. This project aims at providing an end-to-end urban platform that extends current practices in air quality measurements and allows citizens to grasp the data for their own sake.

We propose a transversal approach that span from sensors to supercomputers in order to deliver day-to-day data as well as capabilities to help catastrophic event handling (denoted urgent computing). This project explores the use of High Performance Computing (HPC) to create value for citizens and for helping decision making by public authorities. HPC approach is considered both centrally in supercomputing centres and distributed on enhanced sensors (Edge computing). HPC capabilities are necessary to perform the numerical simulation with an accurate pollution dispersion model that would include sensors data-assimilation.

Three main elements characterizes the methodology:

  • First to achieve in a cost effective manner rigorous air quality measurements in a wide area we will exploit the local transportation network with high quality mobile sensors. This approach will allow the extension of the geographical area currently covered and the use of more reliable and cost effective sensors. In the case of measurements for catastrophic event, we intend to use drones.
  • Second, the use of HPC simulation will allow understanding pollution propagation inside the Rennes area in order to help decision-making. One important aspect of the project is to implement HPC as a service providing thus a cost efficient approach and responsive simulation capabilities.
  • Third, the resulting data will be made available to citizens thanks to the Service Public Metropolitain de la Donnée (SPMD – Open-Data Metropolitan Service) that is being developed by Rennes Métropole (this initiative is funded in the context of the French PIA2 program).

AQMO Platform Prototype

Current prototype of the AQMO platform.

Sensor Prototype

A sensor prototype has been designed to test the AQMO platform:

Le projet FluxCampus – F. Bodin, P. Ribault

Le projet FluxCampus vise à modéliser les flux d’étudiants entrants et sortants du campus de Beaulieu.

Des exemples de modélisation sont disponibles ici:


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